IRB(Re) integrates B3’s diversity index

Publicado em: 16/08/2023

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IRB(Re) is one of the 75 companies that make up the first portfolio of iDiversa, launched by B3 on Tuesday (08/15). It is the first Latin American index to combine gender and race criteria in a single indicator. The initiative, which is part of B3’s ESG agenda, is a way of recognizing listed companies that stand out in diversity, in addition to promoting greater representation of underrepresented groups in the market.

“By generating visibility for representation in the labor market, we encourage not only a fairer society, but also diversity as an investment thesis, encouraging other companies to follow the same pattern of disclosure”, says the B3’s statement.

The composition takes into account public data available in the Reference Form, an annual requirement for publicly traded companies. This year, the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) began to require the presentation, in the forms, of the number of employees and members of the management bodies and boards of companies grouped by gender and race.

Learn more about the index here.

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