If you want to change business and society through knowledge and be a protagonist in protecting the future of society, come work with us!

We are proud to attract and develop the best professionals in the reinsurance market, because we believe that capital and processes are important, but teams make the difference in achieving great results.

Our people management guidelines are:

Development of organizational skills

Internal progression and recognition opportunities

Attracting external talents

Competitive compensation and benefits package

Diverse and stimulating work environment

Our recognition

In 2024, we made our Great Place To Work certification official. A seal is the most genuine way of proving our purpose of providing an increasingly open, transparent, inclusive and inspiring work environment.

Created more than 40 years ago, the GPTW survey aims to measure professionals’ perception of the company they work for and discover which are the best employers in the world.

Discover the main technical careers at IRB(Re):


Underwriting is considered the heart of IRB(Re). Professionals in such area are responsible for analyzing, pricing, revising and preparing the terms and conditions of reinsurance contracts in order to take risks with responsibility.


The main focus of this career is on risk assessment and management, and it brings up great challenges and opportunities for development. Among the various functions performed, actuaries calculate, establish parameters and follow up on actuarial technical provisions, according to the company’s needs.


These professionals analyze claim notices and make provisions, in addition to processing payment information and maintaining pending reserves for processes under their responsibility. They always focus on the best efficiency of claim management.

Risk and Compliance Analysts

Risk and compliance careers are extremely important for any reinsurance company, certifying business adherence to corporate policies. Professionals in the area design, implement, apply, monitor and promote the company’s risk management and corporate governance processes.

Our vacancies

We have career opportunities for those who are starting their professional life, for people with disabilities and for those who are looking for professional development.

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