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Reinsurance means the “insurance of the insurer”

It is a type of contract in which the reinsurer undertakes to indemnify the insurer for losses that may occur as a result of its insurance policies.

When taking risks, insurers seek guarantees to honor their commitments in case of losses. Thus, they transfer part of the risks and premiums to a reinsurer.

Among the advantages of the reinsurance, we can highlight the increase in the capacity to absorb risks; the protection of financial health of insurers; and the transfer of knowledge in the sector.

Reinsurance brings security and protection

And helps make large projects feasible, being essential for economic development


With great knowledge and credibility, we combine experience with the constant search for innovative solutions. For this reason, we offer coverage for risks in every business line, and we are protagonists in several segments, with a variety of traditional portfolios in the market.

We operate on three fronts: General Liability, Environmental and Professional (E&O). In the General and Environmental areas, we have a great technical and financial capacity to take on risks and cover, for example, damages arising from industrial and commercial activities, construction Works and large events. Professional Liability coverages protect lawyers, physicians, engineers and others.
Cargo and Marine
In Brazil and around the world, we protect cargo movement by air, sea, rail and land. We have a staff of highly-specialized professionals to meet the broadest range of Market needs, with integrated and customized solutions. In the area of maritime risks, we have a long tradition and offer coverage encompassing the whole chain: hulls, port operators, ship construction.
Agricultural Risks
Our portfolio offers solutions for insurers operating in the agribusiness area. We cover the industry’s activities as well as its related assets including machinery, equipment and storage facilities. Having operated for many years in this segment, we are leaders in the Brazilian market and one of the principal Latin American reinsurers in this area. We also offer technical support to start-up insurance companies and Bancassurance operations.
We are leaders in Brazil, with the largest capacity to protect property risks. Coverages include material damages and loss of income due to business interruption arising from fire, explosion, windstorms, electrical damages and other events. We are growing internationally and in the process of structuring our activities in this segment, especially in Latin America, where we are licensed to operate in practically all countries in the region.
Life and Pension
We have a great deal of know-how and credibility, bringing together experience and a constant quest for innovation. We offer unique services in this segment, such as Tele-underwriting, Online Underwriting Manual and in-company training. Products covers the segments of serious illnesses, death in air accidents, loss of income and others. We also sell catastrophe support programs.
Oil and gas
Our Oil and Gas portfolio has one of the largest capabilities to absorb risks in the exploration and production chain. Because of our credibility and leadership in the domestic market, we provide excellent services to deal with the different needs of players in the oil and gas industry. We adopt best practices and, totally in line with industry conditions, we participate in the most important projects in the world.
Financial Lines
We have a qualified team and knowledge to offer adequate reinsurance solutions in Brazil and abroad. We work with the majority of Financial Lines products: D&O, E&O, Cyber, BBB, Crime, FIPI, and IMI. The company’s focus is on the D&O product, which protects the assets of managers and executives, and has gained prominence in Brazil in recent years.
We are one of the leaders in the segment and we support the main projects and companies in the national market, whether public or private, in their diverse needs for granting guarantees. This line requires deep knowledge of the country’s macroeconomic reality, the financial situation of companies, as well as the legislation and the particularities of each sector – therefore, our knowledge, analysis capacity and more than 80 years of experience in the national market make the difference.
We are leaders in the segment that protects those involved in the real estate financing process, enabling the acquisition of properties by guaranteeing the settlement/amortization of the debt balance in the event of death or permanent disability and by protecting the property against damages that may compromise it. We work to increase knowledge about property protection, create a culture of risk management and mitigation and contribute to the economic stability of society.

Our assets

Pessoas trabalhando

Our team makes a big difference. With vast knowledge and experiences in a variety of modalities of the segment, we are able to meet the most various demands of the market and provide the best solutions.

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We have more than 80 years of experience, which is crucial to turn ourselves into specialists in the Brazilian market. Our tradition is a source of trust and knowledge for the entire insurance and reinsurance segment in the country.

We do business in several countries around the world, with a special focus on Latin America, where our activities are booming. In order to support and promote our growth in neighboring countries, we currently have an office in Buenos Aires.

We have a high financial capacity to offer guarantees and commit in every business line in the reinsurance market, with wide coverage and celerity in the payment of claims.


IRB+ Intelligence

Consult, on the intelligence platform developed by IRB(Re), the IRB+Mercado Bulletin, a monthly report with analyzes on the behavior of the Brazilian insurance market, and the IRB+Mercado Segurador Dashboard.

IRB+ Intelligence

Consult, on the intelligence platform developed by IRB(Re), the IRB+Mercado Bulletin, a monthly report with analyzes on the behavior of the Brazilian insurance market, and the IRB+Mercado Segurador Dashboard.

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