IRB Brasil RE attends the Colombian International Insurance Convention

Publicado em: 28/09/2020

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Focused on the strategic growth of its interest in Latin-American market, IRB Brasil RE attends the International Insurance Convention held by the Federation of Colombian Insurers, from Wednesday (September 30) to Friday (October 02). The event, which, for the first time, is completely online due to covid-19, gathers representatives of public and private sectors. The discussion is on the perspectives of economic recovery, the post-pandemic consumer behavior and the future of the area.

“Our international work focus on Latin America, and Colombia is a great market in the region. In addition to the geographical proximity, we are very alike when it comes to culture and economy. IRB, leader in Brazilian market, can contribute much with its 80-year experience. We are centering our efforts in Latin American markets, where we add value due to our expertise and the strategic proximity”, affirms IRB’s CEO and chairperson of the Board of Directors, Antonio Cassio dos Santos.

In the first half of 2020, from the total value of premiums issued by IRB, 55% came from international operations, summing up BRL2.495 billion. The highlights of the portfolio abroad are the property, rural, life and aviation business branches. In Colombia, the reinsurer works in the same branches it offers in Brazil, except for health: property, life and security, rural, marine, transport, finances, civil liability, oil and gas, aviation, and engineering.

On International Insurance Convention 2020

The International insurance Convention 2020, held by the Federation of Colombian Insurers (Fasecolda) is the main forum of the area in Colombia, and it is in the 44th edition. With the theme “Colombia, a safer country”, the event is going to debate and present proposals on minimizing the economic impact of covid-19 pandemic. In the schedule, there are discussions on innovation, technology and economics, highlighting the attendance of Colombia’s president, Ivan Duque Marquez.

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