We are one of the companies that gained the greatest value in 2018!

Publicado em: 03/07/2018

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​Article written and published by: EXAME

Vale was the company that gained the greatest market value this year. In January, the mining company’s market value was estimated as 209,24 billion reais. In June, its market value went to 257.74 billion reais, an increase of almost 50 billion reais in six months.

The company’s good performance is related to the appreciation of the shares that were affected by the iron ore price. This year, the miner’s shares accumulated earnings of more than 24%.

Another company that presented an expressive increasing in the market value was Suzano. It gained almost 29 billion in market value from January to June this year.

Up to now, the paper and cellulose company’s shares accumulated gains of 141%.The exporting company’s shares are affected by the dollar appreciation in relation to the real. In addition Suzano stated, in March this year, it acquired Fibria. Together, the companies are world leaders in paper and cellulose.

Petrobrás is also a focus in the ranking of the companies gaining the greatest market value this year. The publicly-held company gained 25 billion reais in six months. Nowadays, the company’s market value is 240 billion reais.

This year, Petrobras’ common share accumulate gains of 15% and the preference ones, 6%.

The shares were affected by the oil appreciation in the foreign market, in addition to the optimism of the investors regarding the company’s divestiture program.

The investors have also followed Pedro Parente leaving the company’s chair after the truck driver’s strike. 

The data was disclosed by Economatica, a financial information provider, at request of EXAME’s website.


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