Students from Instituto Reação were invited by IRB to visit Museu do Amanhã

Publicado em: 27/05/2019

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The season of guided tours promoted by IRB Brasil RE to the Museu do Amanhã, in Rio, is open. Up to the end of the year, children from social projects financed by the company will discover what the future will bring them in four editions. The 30 first ones to start this journey, on Thursday (May 23rd), were the students from the Rocinha unit of Instituto Reação, an NGO stablished by the ex-judoka Flavio Canto. On June 27th, it will be the time for the students from the Deodoro unit to get to know the space.

The kids were welcomed by IRBito, the company’s mascot, and had a hearty breakfast on the shore of the Guanabara Bay. With the museum open just for them, during around one hour, they had an original experience with guides, using, in some of the rooms, augmented reality through the application of the cultural organization. The application, developed in a partnership with IRB, provides other resources as well, like audioguide, accessibility and selfie masks, in addition to presenting the whole program for the exhibitions and activities, history, tips on transportation and an online marketplace with priority line.

For Juliana Borenstein, coordinator of the Education Program of Instituto Reação, the tour gave the students the opportunity for learning about the future of the planet and expanding their cultural repertory in a different way. “At the museum, they broadened their vision of world and reality in a way they loved: interacting with technology. They leave the place where they live, face the streets and connect with what is currently happening in the world”, she added.

The main exhibit takes the second floor of Museu do Amanhã. The public is led, in it, to follow a structured narrative in five big areas: Cosmos, Earth, Anthropocene, Tomorrows and Us, which sum up more than 40 interactive experiences available.

Maria Eduarda Maia and Letícia Melo, both 12 years old, were fascinated by the tour since the first room, where there is a video that makes us think on our origins and what we wish for the future. “It was a new experience. I liked the first movie the most. I will come back other times and explore the exhibit more calmly”, said Maria Eduarda.

About the sponsorship 

IRB Brasil RE sponsors Museu do Amanhã since 2017 because it considers it generates knowledge through innovation and sustainability, two important values for the company. With this sponsorship, the company is consolidated as a great national culture and science promoter, disclosing its mark in the national scenario. Among other actions, the partnership was responsible for the creation of the museum’s application presenting an original perspective for the visitors through augmented reality experiences throughout the permanent exhibition. The app, available for Android and iOS, was created by the Marketing and Communication and Application managements for IRB business, together with the company Mobile2You.

IRB is also the sponsor of the social sport project Reação Escola Faixa Preta aiming at promoting sports as a mean for social transformation, changing the life of the participants when presenting them new opportunities and paths, in addition to improving life quality. The project offers judo classes for more than 1,200 children, teens and adults, from 4 to 29 years old, working the principles and values of this sport, such as determination, respect, discipline, courage and solidarity. The proposal is developing not only techniques in those areas, but contributing for human development and social inclusion through sports and education. The project is part of Instituto Reação.

About IRB Brasil RE

IRB Brasil RE is a private company, which is among the ten greatest reinsurers in the world in market value: BRL 31 billion (May 2019) and registered a net profit of BRL1.2 billion in 2018. It stays as leader in 9 out of 11 business lines with which it works and is a reference for its expressive results, financial soundness and technical expertise. It is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and has offices in São Paulo, Buenos Aires and London. 

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