Insurance sector records 20% increase in revenues in June

Publicado em: 25/08/2021

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The tenth edition of the IRB+Mercado Bulletin, a monthly report in Portuguese of the IRB+Inteligência platform, found that the insurance industry recorded revenues of BRL 12.7 billion in June. The result represents growth of 20.2% compared to the same period of 2020 and corresponds to the highest performance for the sixth month of the year since 2014, the year the beginning of the historical series. In 2021, the insurance market earned BRL 66.9 billion. The amount was BRL 9.6 billion higher than the first half of 2020, an increase of 16.7%.

In june, the Life segment accounted for BRL 4.4 billion in revenues; Auto, BRL 3.2 billion; Damages and Liabilities, BRL 2.9 billion; Persona Injury Liability, BRL 971 million; Rural, BRL 819 million; and Credit and Guarantee, BRL 447 million. All modalities presented growth in June, including Credit and Guarantee that had registered retraction in the last 90 days and closed the sixth month with the largest nominal variation: 48,6%. Another highlight was the Rural sector, with a growth of 36%.

The index Claim Occurred on the Accrual Basis Income, in June, increased by 8.8 percentage points (p.p.) in comparison with the same month of 2020. In the semester, the index grew 6.5 p.p. in relation to the rate recorded in the same period of 2020. The increase in Life claims volune, which went from 29.9% to 50.2% in the accumulated period, influenced the total result of the sector’s index. Also in June, the net income of insurance companies dropped 112.1%, closing the first half of this year down 58%.

The IRB+Market Bulletin summarizes insurance operations based on public data made available by Susep on August 8th, considering damage, liability and personal insurance. The edition also lists the five largest insurance groups by business line. The analysis is available, in full, on the IRB Brasil RE’s website. On the same website, IRB+Insurance Market Dashboard allows free and dynamic queries from the entire sector.

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