More than 190 Barrier-Free Project’s students receive donation of sneakers

Publicado em: 04/10/2021

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IRB Brasil RE and Olympic medalist Adriana Samuel have just completed the distribution of 196 pairs of sneakers to young athletes of the Barrier-Free project, which offers judo, athletics and volleyball to students living in the community of São Carlos, in Estácio, and in neighborhoods near Cidade Nova, which is the base of the initiative.

The material – given by the reinsurer, who also sponsors the project – aims to encourage and enable the practice of the sport. “A pair of sneakers can represent much more than shoes, it’s a way of saying that we bet on them, that they can dream and achieve something better in the future,” says Adriana Samuel, coordinator of the Barrier-Free Project.

The Galvão family is excited. Mariana, 17, and her brothers Thiago, 13, and Lucas, 9, have been attending the project since the first day of operation in 2018. “I’m happy and I think it’s a really cool action because there are so many kids who can’t have a pair of shoes for school, another one for the project and one to get out. I’m really looking forward to getting the pair of sneakers and seeing what they look like,” Mariana says.

She and her brothers play the three sports offered by the Barrier-Free Project. The impact is so positive for the family, this is the most anticipated part of the day: “The moment of my day that I like the most is to come to the project, because I am in contact with my teachers and with the students. We are always learning new things, not only about the modalities, but about our life,” celebrates Mariana.

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