IRB Brasil RE’s new governance model has support with 11 committees

Publicado em: 03/09/2020

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IRB Brasil RE’s new governance model – focused on applying the global best practices in the sector to institutional control and governance – will have a support of 11 committees. Six of them will assist the reinsurer’s Board of Directors, having 100% of external and independent members. The other five, in their turn, are executives and will assist the company’s Executive Board. The new structure, already in force, provides for a more active work by the directors in the company’s routine.


“The implementation of the company’s committees and new organizational structure are sound measures to improve IRB’s governance, taking it to the highest level of corporate control while focusing on the business sustainability. By renewing the Board of Directors, we are looking for great experts in themes that are fundamental for the company, so they can coordinate the committees and actively contribute to IRB’s change phase, really influencing long-term strategies. In their management, the committees are executive ones, and, as such, they present a tactical point of view and immediate answers to the market, keeping high standards and agility in servicing clients and efficiency in controlling risks”, says the CEO and chairperson of the Board of Directors, Antônio Cássio dos Santos.


Regarding the Board of Directors, the assisting structure is composed by six committees: Ethics, Sustainability and Governance, coordinated by the former presiding judge of the Supreme Court Ellen Gracie; Risk Management and Solvency, by Standard & Poor’s former CEO Regina Helena Nunes; Capital Structure, Investments and Dividend Policies, coordinated by Gama Investimentos’ founding member and CEO and former Grupo Icatu Marcos Falcão; Risk Subscription and Substantial Claims Follow-up, by Hannover Re’s former CEO and Sulamérica’s former executive officer Ivan Passos; People Management, Appointment, Diversity and Inclusion, coordinated by DealMaker Consultoria’s senior member, Invepar’s former executive officer and Globex’s former officer Marcos Rocha; and Audit as per the Articles of Incorporation, coordinated by Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance’s (IBCG) chairperson and one of the big-four’s former senior member Henrique Luiz.


Five executive committees will work for the assistance to the reinsurer management: Corporate Executive Management, coordinated by the CEO, Antônio Cássio; Innovation and Value Creation, with oversight by the director Roberto Dagnoni (Cetip/B3’s former executive officer and Sascar Tecnologia e Segurança Automotiva’s former member), and operational management by IRB’s Clients, Innovation and Marketing officer, Lucas Mello; Reinsurance Strategy, with oversight by the director Hugo Daniel (General RE Europa’s former CEO, who worked in Argentine, Brazil and Mexico), and coordinated by IRB Brasil RE’s Reinsurance executive officer, Isabel Solano; Business Security, coordinated by IRB’s Legal, Risks and Corporate Governance executive officer, Carlos Guerra; and Financial Strategy, coordinated by the Financial and Investor Relations executive officer, Werner Süffert.

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