IRB Brasil RE is ranked number one in Latin America

Publicado em: 01/09/2018

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IRB Brasil Re leaders were mentioned in researches on the main Latin American executives. They are among the best Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Investors Relations professionals in the region regarding Financial Institutions category, which encompasses stocks, cards companies, insurers, reinsurers, brokers and assets segments, including names as B3, Cielo and Smiles.

The 2018 result of Institutional Investor’s Latin America Executive was based on the analysis of the global community of investments on different segments companies. Altogether, there were more than 900 investors voting.

IRB president, José Carlos Cardoso, reached the second place among the best financial institution CEOs, taking a distinct position compared to other great names in the market. Only one year after the company having gone publicly-held, Cardoso has made history with increasing good results. “This raking shows we are working well, with a team that each three months continuously work aiming at creating value for the shareholders and the segment. We continue being leaders in Brazil, with a market share six times better than the second-place. The recently disclosed results confirm the growth and our strategy on expending our business abroad, increasing the number of contracts and expend our participation in current business, what contributes for an issued premium of 1.3 billion abroad, 37% above the same period in 2017”, said the president.

In turn, IRB Brasil RE CFO, Fernando Passos, was ranked first place, leading the best Latin American CFO ranking by Institucional Investor. He highlights the great value generation provided by the company executives and associates to the its shareholders throughout the last four years. “IRB Brasil RE undergone a privatization a little more than four years ago for BRL 2.7 billion. Since then, the company has already paid almost BEL 2.7 billion in debts and today its market value is above BRL 18 billion. I believe this was the main reason we were acknowledged in Institutional Investor’s publication ranking”, highlighted Fernando Passos.

The company was also classified first-place among the best Latin American companies, in Financial Institutions as well, and the second place among the best Investors Relations professionals was awarded to IRB Investors Relations, Sandra Matsumoto.

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