IRB Brasil RE and Barrier-Free Project deliver 1.5 ton of food

Publicado em: 15/12/2021

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IRB Brasil RE and Olympic medalist Adriana Samuel have delivered, this Wednesday (Dec 15), 180 basic food baskets to students, teachers and employees of the Barrier-Free project, which offers judo, athletics and volleyball to children and youngsters living in the community of São Carlos, in Estácio, and in neighborhoods near Cidade Nova, which is the base of the initiative. 1.5 ton of food will be donated in total.

The baskets contain rice, beans, sugar, soy oil, pasta, manioc flour, coffee, cornmeal, biscuits, salt, sausage, tomato sauce and juice. “We are aware of the difficulties faced throughout the year by the families of our students and actions like this guarantee a better end of the year”, says Adriana Samuel, who leads the Barrier-Free project.

“The company has a history of promoting social actions, including great employee engagement. In times of uncertainty like this, given the pandemic and all the difficulties it imposes on people, it is important to contribute to minimizing the vulnerability of these families at the end of the year”, says Raphael de Carvalho, CEO of IRB Brasil RE. In addition to donating basic food baskets, the reinsurer sponsors the project.

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