IRB Brasil RE invests innovation program

Publicado em: 11/02/2019

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​Starting on the 18th, undergraduate students and professional at IRB Brasil RE and Mongeral Aegon will gather daily at PUC-Rio looking for innovative solutions for the insurance and reinsurance market. It will be the second edition of Insurtech Innovation Program, which foster the development of the new products, services and processes based on the technological trends as blockchain, data science, machine learning, internet of things and virtual and augmented reality.

The 20 selected students for the new edition were disclosed on May 4th, when the selection process ended. The list includes the mulstidiciplinary proposal of the program with students from different 14 degrees, such as Engineeering, Social Communication, Economics, Design and Law, from Puc-Rio, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and Universidade Federal de Alfenas (Unifal).

“Insurtech is disruptive and adds value to an extremally traditional market. We have a long-term winning pattern, but in such an economical moment, we need to innovate. Thus, the program contributes with ideas, models and discussions to think on how to do more and better”, highlights IRB IT Chief Officer, Marcelo Hirata.

The program, which is a partnership with Mongeral Aegon and PUC-Rio, comprehended 28 students and 11 professionals in 2018. Altogether, 20 solution proposals were made and six of them were selected t be developed. The projects, which must be deployed by the companies in 2019, use technology as mobile, artificial intelligence, blockchain and augmented reality in order to solve common market problems, such as insured portfolio management and data sharing, to better evaluate the risks of the contracts.

About IRB Brasil RE

IRB Brasil RE is a private company, leader in reinsurance in Latin America, which is among the ten greatest reinsurers in the world in market value: BRL 27 billion (January 2019). It stays as leader in nine of 11 business lines with which it works and is a reference for its expressive results, financial soundness and technical expertise. With an 80-year experience, it is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and has offices in São Paulo, Buenos Aires and London. 

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