IRB Brasil RE engages employees in helping social sportive project students

Publicado em: 04/05/2020

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IRB Brasil RE launched an internal campaign to engage its employees and help the families of 2,064 poor teenagers from Rio de Janeiro assisted by three social sportive projects supported by the company. Since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic, the parents of the students at Sem Barreiras and Escolinha de Vôlei, envisioned by Olympic hampion Adriana Samuel, and at Reação Escola Faixa Preta, by NGO Instituto Reação, created by the Olympic champion Flavio Canto and his coach Geraldo Bernardo, have reported many difficulties.

During the internal campaign, the reinsurer employees could donate money, in any amount, directly to the checking account of each project. On the other hand, IRB will donate an amount equal to the raised total by the projects in this action. All the money will be used to buy meal and food tickets for the students’ families to buy food and hygiene products at the nearest market.

“Our employees have a history of very prominent engagement and contribution to social campaigns. It is time for us to make efforts together and help those in need. We believe in social transformation through sports and, for this reason, we support the projects. IRB, as leader reinsurer, is aware of its responsibility”, says IRB’s chairperson of the Board of Directors and acting president, Antônio Cássio dos Santos.

“Many students’ families have informal jobs as their main income source. After the beginning of the social distancing, due to the pandemic, these people lost their only possibility of revenue. We have testimonials of families facing difficulties to buy food”, tells Adriana Samuel, whose projects assist children and teenagers in Cidade Nova, Rio central area, and Deodoro, northern Rio.

“The families have problems to buy groceries. Many had their contracts cancelled and payments reduced, so having to handle hunger. We are engaging companies and people in the idea of a wider distribution to more families and communities”, says Flávio Canto, who, through Instituto Reação, keep seven units in Rio, including Rocinha and Cidade de Deus. The NGO also works with two units in Cuiabá (MT).

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