Innovation program creats solutions for the insurance market in the post-pandemic

Publicado em: 07/08/2020

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The covid-19 pandemic has changed consumption relationships and standards over the last months, and it keeps asking for new positions. University students, professors and professionals participating in Insurtech Innovation program 2020 – a partnership between IRB Brasil RE, MAG Seguros and PUC-Rio – have reviewed such changes and their impact on the insurance and reinsurance area, aiming at identifying opportunities. After four months, they have just completed and delivered the prototype of seven tools that can contribute to leveraging prospecting and sales of products during the recovery of economy.


The projects, using technology trends, such as blockchain, big data, machine learning, internet of things, and virtual and augmented reality, present solutions for questions such as financial education to overcome the crisis and plan the future, the search by the client for new services and products, the safety of completely online transactions, and even the update of brokers who need to work in digital environments.


“We are living an unprecedented moment due to the pandemic, and Insurtech, carried out totally online for the first time, was also the pioneer in thinking innovation in this scenario for different business areas, such as transportation, cyber risks, finances and life branches. Those are feasible solutions that can contribute not only help professionals and companies in this area but also mainly benefit this new consumer”, analyzes the Strategy and Innovation Officer at IRB Brasil RE, Lucas Mello.


This is the third Insurtech Innovation Program, which plans to present, up to January next year, 21 projects in three different cycles. The initiative, launched in 2018, is multidisciplinary and has already encompassed 60 students from many degrees, such as administration, engineering, industrial design, social communication, actuarial sciences and psychology, from universities such as PUC-Rio, UFRJ, UniRio and UFF. Eleven solutions structured by the program are already under development and implementation by both companies.

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