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  • Reinsurance


    In general terms, reinsurance is insurance for insurance companies. It is a contract whereby a reinsurer assumes the commitment to indemnify an insurance company for losses which may arise related to the latter’s insurance policies.

  • Assignment and Retrocession

    Assignment and Retrocession

    These resources are also part of the reinsurance market. Insurance companies transfer part of a specific risk or a portfolio of risks to reinsurers. This is known as a reinsurance assignment. Reinsurers, in turn, have the resource of retrocession, passing on part of the responsibilities they have taken on other reinsurers, in order to protect their assets.

  • Divided Risks

    Divided Risks

    To guarantee accepted risks, honor commitments and maintain financial health, insurance companies pass on part of the risks, and the premiums, to reinsurers.