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We are proud to say that we have been training the best Reinsurance professionals.

As market leader in our segment, we offer several opportunities for people who are starting their careers:

Professional Apprentice Program

This program is intended for teens and young people, between the ages of 14 and 24 who are enrolled and attending school. It seeks to assist insertion into the job market for apprentices, through methodical technical and professional training compatible with the candidate’s physical, moral and psychological development, in line with current legislation.

Oppontunities for Persons with Special Needs​

In accordance with the National Policy for Integration of Persons with Special Needs and current legislation, we offer work opportunities to persons with special needs, for them to insert themselves in the market. We have openings in several areas and organizational levels.

Internship Program​

This program, which is educational in nature, is one of the doors of entry into the company. Using real work situations, its purpose is to provide students with elements to complement knowledge acquired as part of the curriculum at institutions of higher education, based on the internship plan and current legislation. Come practice the lessons learned in the classroom and grow with us.