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We depend on capital and processes to achieve our goals. But we recognize that, fundamentally, it is people that make the difference when we achieve our strategic objectives and defend our values.

For this reason, and to ensure agile processes and a customer focus, we always operate based on human capital.


  • ​​​​​Development of organizational competencies
  •  Opportunities for recognition and internal promotion
  •  Attraction of outside talent
  •  Competitive compensation and benefit package
  •  Stimulating and diverse work environment​​

Management and careers:


Ideal for professionals with specific technical and scientific knowledge in one of more areas or functions. These are professionals who can direct work teams from a technical perspective, acting as resources for reference in specific fields.


Made up of professionals who manage and develop people and teams, seeking high individual and group performance. They are part of the formal and permanent organizational structure and are in charge of one or more areas.

Here are some of the positions and functions that make up the map of careers in the technical area:


The underwriter career is considered to be the heart of a reinsurance company. Underwriters are responsible for analyzing, pricing, reviewing and elaborating the terms and conditions of reinsurance contracts in Brazil and abroad, with the objective of achieving good results for the company and its customers.


As risk is the main business, the actuarial career offers great challenges and opportunities for development. Among the several functions performed, actuaries calculate, establish parameters and accompany technical actuary provisions based on the company’s needs.


Claims analysts are responsible for analyzing claims notices and establish provisions. They also process payment information and keep reserves current on processes under their responsibility, making appropriate adjustments as needed. Always focused on improving efficiency of claims management and customer satisfaction.


Careers in risk and compliance are extremely important for any reinsurance company. To us, they are critical to ensure that business transactions adhere to corporate policies. These professionals elaborate, implement, apply, monitor and promote the company’s risk management and corporate governance processes.