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Life and Pension

We have a great deal of know-how and credibility, bringing together experience and a constant quest for innovation. We offer unique services in this segment, such as Tele-underwriting, Online Underwriting Manual and in-company training. Products covers the segments of serious illnesses, death in air accidents, loss of income and others. We also sell catastrophe support programs.

Business Lines

  • Collective Life
  • Individual Life
  • Lender Insurance
  • Personal Accidents
  • Pension Plan

Serious Illnesses

  • Guarantees payments of indemnities in case of a diagnosis of one of the illnesses listed in the plan, allowing the policyholder to receive the cash in life, thus allowing it to be used for treating the illness.

Company Sucession

  • This is “life” insurance for companies concerned about business continuity. It ensures that a company receives enough cash to buy the stocks that belonged to any deceased partner, without the risk of heirs becoming involved in management of the business.


  • Offers payment of a daily rate to policyholders in case of hospitalization. Hospitalization for serious illnesses or intensive care may be inserted into contracts as additional coverages.


  • Underwriting with support for phone call made by medically qualified personnel . Allows for a more precise risk analysis, bringing security to policyholders and minimizing fraud risk for the insurance company.

Professional athletes

  • Guarantees indemnity in case of professional disability, when an athlete is unable to practice his/her sport. Coverage may be offered on a temporary basis or at the end of the career.

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