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Aviation Risks

We cover all forms of aviation risks- Hull, general liability and wars, domestic and international. The solutions cover general aviation, regular and regional airlines, manufacturers, airports and hangars, as well as other segment. The portfolio also offers coverage for satellites, at launch and while in orbit.

What we offer

  • All Risks Hull Coverage, for the aircraft’s structurel during flight or on the ground
  • Additional coverages: reimbursement of aircraft assistance and rescue expenses, wreck removal, claims for foam on the runway, reimbursement for medical expenses and first aid, personal accidents for passengers and crew, and substitute aircraft expenses
  • Hull, war, hijacking, confiscation and related risks
  • Spare parts inventory insurance
  • RETA Insurance: a mandatory liability for the air carrier. The coverage is automatic in nature and guarantees reimbursement for the expenses that the insured party is required to pay as direct a consequence of damages inflicted by its aircraft to third parties
  • Liability: airports, aircraft fueling, hangars, airport service providers, aircraft maintenance, catering and manufacturers
  • Legal liability for the aircraft operation, covering the risk for passengers, ground personnel and assets, for cases in which the insured party is legally required to pay

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